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I am just going to jump right in and not look back. Yes, I will make this leap ahead and hope that the fuel of courage, curiosity, and love is enough to power through the obstacles of angst, doubt and vulnerability. I am no stranger to jumping into new territory. The first major jump was when I moved from California to New York to attend college sight unseen. It felt more like a standing long jump over the Grand Canyon, but I made it across and have stayed in the New York area ever since.  One would think I would be good at it by now. However it has been my experience that with each dive into new waters, it is as if I am beginning all over again.

Jumping In. San Francisco Bay and Golden Gate Bridge


Throughout all my new adventures in life there have always been a few constants. One constant has been my interest, appreciation and love for all things food and cooking related.  This passion, along with the urge to begin a new adventure, is nudging me forward to jump into the world of food blogging.

Jumping In. Brooklyn Bridge


I am a self-taught cook. As a child I would watch my mother putter around the kitchen, and absorb her actions and intentions while she prepared our dinner. Occasionally, I would ask her a question and sometimes I was recruited to help. I remember mixing the meatloaf or basting the roast beef and potatoes, and feeling very important while I was squirting the pan juices over the meat. The warm smell of the roasting beef and rosemary filled our kitchen while Mom would look over my shoulder at the roast and say, “This is going to be soooo yummy.” (Yes, she did talk that way).  For the most part, other than my helping hands basting and mixing, I was left alone to figure out the secrets and skills of cooking.


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