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2016 A Year In Pictures

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As I look back on the past year and look forward to the next one, I wanted to share a group of my photographs that I published this past year. It is nice to see a collection of work assembled in one place and not scattered about between each blog post. So no recipe today. Instead I made my first video; a photographic retrospective of my first year as a food blogger. A year in pictures for 2016.

At this time last year I was pulling my hair out learning how to build a website. If my memory serves me, it took me about six months to build Lemon Thyme and Ginger dot com before I thought it was in reasonable shape to publish.  I am glad to say that I am more confident, less frazzled and still have a full head of hair.  Nevertheless, this blog creating, traffic building, SEO, social networking, recipe testing, writing, and photographing is layer upon layer of intense work. I do enjoy the work, even though I have not yet fully established the rhythm of this dance.

There still continues to be a lot of learning to incorporate into my daily blogging routine, but that is what keeps me going. I love learning new skills, as well as develop new ideas and projects. Needless to say I am looking forward to my ongoing education.

A year in pictures 2016 for lemon Thyme and Ginger

BBQ Roast Chicken

A Year in Pictures 2016 for lemon Thyme and Ginger

Rosewater pistachio meringues

In 2016 Lemon Thyme and Ginger published 39 posts and taken 40GB worth of photographs. There are 16 email subscribers, 118 Instagram followers, a Lemon Thyme and Ginger Facebook page, and a Pinterest page. In the grand scheme of things this is small potatoes, but considering I started at zero I will take it.

I want to thank some very special people whom without their generosity, advice and encouragement I would not have published my blog.

Harriot Manley is an experienced editor and writer and was the first person I showed my early writing drafts to. Her generous encouragement and advice about my writing made me believe I could become a food writer.

Tami Horowitz’s time commitment, encouragement and willingness to proofread my early writing was invaluable.

Karen Jore is another great editor and kept me on subject in my writing. I am very grateful to her for volunteering to proofread my work.

My sister Perrin Smith, who despite having a major concussion was willing to edit one of my first stories. She helped me be more concise and organized in my writing. Throughout the whole year she has been a great support, commenting on my blog and offering lots of love and encouragement.

Last but not least, my husband Joe Palumbo and family Andrew and daughter in law Amanda, Evan, and Taylor, who are always there for me when I need them. Joe has proofread my writing every week this past year, and Taylor has also on occasion provided me with his editing skills. All five of them are great listeners and offer valued advice. They have been a great sounding block for me to have. Joe, Andrew, Amanda, Evan and Taylor are also the best taste testers anyone could ask for. XOXO

Enjoy my first video, 2016 A Year in Pictures

Here is to year two of Lemon Thyme and Ginger and waltzing throughout 2017. Thank you for your support and encouragement this past year. May you be blessed with good health, happiness, loving friends, and delicious food.



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  1. Steve Palumbo

    January 5, 2017 at 1:53 pm

    Ginger those photos are true works of art in their own right!
    Looking forward to trying out some of your new recipes in 2017

    • Ginger

      January 6, 2017 at 3:14 pm

      Thank you Steven. I have been enjoying your works of art on instagram as well.


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