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How to Make an Omelet

How to make and Omelte with recipes

If there is just one food a person should learn to cook, I would recommend learning how to cook anything with eggs. If you can cook an egg, be it fried, scrambled, poached or hard-boiled, you can give yourself endless varieties for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eggs are versatile and inexpensive, and easily provide a satisfying, high protein meal. One of my favorite breakfasts is, scrambled eggs with a side of fresh chopped tomatoes and spinach, drizzled with truffle oil: A bright and  fresh taste combined with the indulgent smell and flavor of truffles. It is a great way to start one’s day. An egg is a perfect food and one that I am pleased is off the Do Not Touch list.

How to Make an Omelet with recipe

Araucana Chicken Eggs from Rochambeau Farm, Bedford NY

Rochambeau Farm, Bedford, NY

It is intriguing to me that this humble food arouses such debate about one’s skill as a chef. Rumor has it that one’s omelet making skill has either squashed or jump started a chef’s career, (Blood, Bones and Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton). My research shows that there are various omelet cooking techniques. One can add milk, water, heavy cream, cook on low heat, high heat, scramble, pull, tilt, and whack your way to omelet perfection. I believe that something so fundamental should be less complicated and intimidating.

“The egg can be your best friend if you give it the right break.” Julia Child, The French Chef episode, “Elegance with Eggs”.

How to Make an Omelet with 2 recipes

Mise en place for cheese omelet

Fortunately for me, my introduction to making omelets did not involve the intimidating classic French technique, but a more relaxed version of pulling the eggs away from the side of the pan and allowing for the liquid to easily flow into the emptied space. This introduction was generously taught to me when I was around 9 years old.


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